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January 2024 Update

January 2024 Update published on No Comments on January 2024 Update

This is a drawing where I drew some of Pelkern’s cave systems like a rectangular slice of layered cake. Drawing maps of cave systems is rather tricky, so this is one of the methods I’ve been trying out. This drawing was my first attempt with this retangular-prism slice method (better name still to be determined, haha).

January 2024 update: I’m still hard at work on my comic about what I learned about comics while making my last comic. I am posting Page 6 today, and I’ll be posting more pages in February.

I changed the title of the comic from “What I Learned II” to “Making my Third Comic.” I’ve been wanting a comic title that would work across multiple non-fiction comics about making comics. Over time I’ve been realizing that “Making my # Comic” is a title that can better cover everything from what I learned to just a simple explanation of the page making process.

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December 2023 Update

December 2023 Update published on No Comments on December 2023 Update

Squirrel robot! This is a panel from an upcoming page.

December Update: I’m making progress on my What I Learned II comic, but I’m realizing that if I want to finish it, I’m not going to hit my February deadline for the next story comic. I definitely want to finish WIL2, so I’m going to push the release date out to later in 2024. The upcoming story–currently titled The Sea Serpent–plunges right into the subterranean world of Pelkern. I’ll announce the finalized title and the new release date once I finish WIL2.

Have a safe and happy holiday time, everyone!

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November Update

November Update published on No Comments on November Update

This month I posted the first four pages of my What I Learned comic (Here is Page 1 if you missed it).

My Grandma passed away at the start of November, and my comics schedule was delayed as a result, so I haven’t finished as many as I’d hoped by now. But I’m chipping away at the comic, and I’ll be posting more batches of pages in December.

The drawing above is the one point perspective example I made for Page 4 (without the dialogue). The vanishing point should be in the exact middle of the canvas, but I raised it to the top third of the canvas so that it would fit in that page’s panel better.

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Page 4

Page 4 published on No Comments on Page 4

This is the first batch of pages of my What I Learned comic. Page 1 is Here.


Information on the Page:

Panel 2 is a digital painting I did from life back in 2017.

Panel 3 is from Page 22 of The Pelkern Cycle.

Panel 4 has a lack-luster example of two point perspective, but it’s difficult to make a really good building with two point perspective without making the vanishing points much farther out. (I have arrows pointing to the vanishing points, the “two points” of “two point perspective,” in that drawing).

Panel 6 is the first drawing I did of a house for this comic, from Page 20.

Edit on January 3, 2024: I switched to Squirrel-style eyes instead of Human-esque eyes on Page 5, so I went back this page and altered it to fit the rest. I also fixed the incorrect Page number listed on Panel 3.

Page 1

Page 1 published on No Comments on Page 1

This is a 16 page comic detailing the things I learned while making the (now non-canon) comic “The Pelkern Cycle,” and during my 3 year hiatus. Hope you enjoy it!

Side-note on the comic title: my first comic is “The Wolves of the Wynd,” my 2nd comic is “Making My First Comic,” and my third comic is “The Pelkern Cycle” (now non-canon).

Edit on January 3, 2024: I’m letting my inner Tolkien out and doing some revisions. I switched to Squirrel-style eyes instead of Human-esque eyes on Page 5, so I went back this page and altered it to fit the rest. I also altered the comic title from “What I Learned 2” to “Making My Third Comic.”

“October” Update

“October” Update published on 2 Comments on “October” Update

(October got away from me, so my October update is coming to you in early November).

My What I Learned Comic is coming along well. The comic will be 16 pages, and I will be releasing it in three batches in late November. I already have some of the pages done, and the rest are in process.

The image above is how I’m depicting myself in the comic. One thing I have enjoyed about manga is how the artists pick a funny visual for themselves—a cow, an alligator with silly glasses, a crescent moon with sleepy eyes—and thereafter represent themselves as that creature/thing. I decided to do that for my nonfiction comics. I chose a squirrel, because squirrels are already humanoid-ish already, I can draw them fast, and I think they are funny. I also find their cheeky problem solving in the face of challenges aspirational.

My parents have long waged a cold war with the squirrels of their neighborhood. My mom periodically upgrades her bird feeders to prevent the squirrels from eating all the bird seed. The squirrels in turn wrack their brains and figure out cunning ways to get around the new technology. My favorite “squirrel-proof” feeder has a mechanism that makes the entire feeder spin when something large (like a squirrel) lands on it. The feeder takes a few rotations to get started, but when the feeder gets revved up it rotates at a fast clip. The first few times the startled squirrels hung on, gripping the feeder rail with two arms, and were flown around until they were flying parallel to the ground. Then they would let go, and you’d see a golden streak zip off into the yard. (Don’t worry, the squirrels were fine, they would come back to scrutinize the feeder again after their flight).

The squirrels still haven’t figured out how to avoid triggering the mechanism, but what they have figured out is that if they cause the feeder to spin, the feeder scatters a light spray of bird seed over the grass. So, they drop down from the tree and grab the bottom lip of the feeder, do a lazy loop, and land to eat the scattered bird seed. Rinse Repeat.

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