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May Update

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I’ve had some mild tendonitis in my drawing hand that would act up if I overused my drawing wrist too much. When that happened I would just rest my wrist, and it would get better. Around the end of April it suddenly flared much worse than before, and my hand felt weak while drawing. (That was alarming). I went to a sports doctor for it, and she sent me to Occupational Therapy earlier this month. I also rested my wrist for a couple weeks from drawing, to speed up recovery, and worked on things I could do left handed, or else things I could do while wearing my hand brace.

The occupational therapy has been going well, and I’m starting work on my comic pages again this week. I can’t post a page this month, but I’ll be getting Page 10 out to you in June. In the meantime, here is a sketch of my drawing hand, drawn by my left hand. My left hand can draw better than I thought it could, so I guess the brain part of the process still works even when using a non-dominant hand, but there’s a fair amount of bobbles and wiggles in the line. XD

TLDR: I have drawing tendonitis, but it’s getting better, new page in June.

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