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Page 12, Chapter 1. This page was made in the midst of technical difficulties, because the Solid-state drive on my desktop computer died. I worked on my laptop until the new computer parts came in the mail. Luckily I had my computer backed up (via BackBlaze), so I didn’t lose anything. My husband switched out the… Continue reading Page 12

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Page 16, Chapter 1. One of the reasons Myles would expect Artor to have answers is that Artor is the age of Myles’s father. Culturally, people from Pelkern respect those older than them (much more than in the youth-centric U.S.A., for example). Another reason Myles would expect Artor to have answers is that Artor has traveled… Continue reading Page 16

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Page 18, Chapter 1. Here is where I admit that I have muddied the waters on this website by making a switch. Originally the Arrival chapter was posted first as the prologue, and the creation myth narration was posted second, as chapter 1. After writing, making, and posting the Arrival chapter, I came upon my… Continue reading Page 18

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Chapter 2, yay! Here is a bigger size image of the Polaroid. Artor is not one to smile for any new-world contraptions, that goes double for cameras. *Edit — Between this page and the next I had changed Ace’s design slightly, so I went back and made the changes retroactively. His nose is now more… Continue reading Chapter 2