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3D World Design using Bricks :)

3D World Design using Bricks :) published on No Comments on 3D World Design using Bricks :)

This week’s post is about some 3D concept art I’ve been doing. I’ve been using Lego bricks to build caverns for Pelkern. This is to help me make comic pages with backgrounds that work as a three dimensional space, and are consistent panel to panel. I have mostly been building caverns, then deconstructing the caverns, then starting over, to get a better feel for the medium of bricks. The little guy there is for scale–this is a colossal cavern system. : )

I’m going on a two week vacation next week. I will be posting a comic about my art progression, part 1 & 2, for the next two weeks, then a funny drawing the next week. The Pelkern Cycle will resume three weeks from now.

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