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Icarus (from my university days)

Icarus (from my university days) published on No Comments on Icarus (from my university days)

I have been brainstorming some new ideas to see if I can make pages faster.

One idea I’m investigating is the possibility of doing the comic in black and white.

When I was getting my painting degree, I did several black & white paintings and drawings, which I enjoyed quite a bit. Here is some of the first sequential art I ever did: my Paris Project. It is Icarus, drawn from sculptures I had photographed in the Louvre. I drew the images with white pencil on black paper. I put it into the comic format here, but the originals are each 8×10 drawings.

I have a four day weekend trip coming up. That, combined with getting Page 34 done two days late last week, means I’ll be posting Page 35 either next week, or the following week. I’m feeling burn-out, though, so I’m pretty excited for a vacation.


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