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January 2024 Update

January 2024 Update published on No Comments on January 2024 Update

This is a drawing where I drew some of Pelkern’s cave systems like a rectangular slice of layered cake. Drawing maps of cave systems is rather tricky, so this is one of the methods I’ve been trying out. This drawing was my first attempt with this retangular-prism slice method (better name still to be determined, haha).

January 2024 update: I’m still hard at work on my comic about what I learned about comics while making my last comic. I am posting Page 6 today, and I’ll be posting more pages in February.

I changed the title of the comic from “What I Learned II” to “Making my Third Comic.” I’ve been wanting a comic title that would work across multiple non-fiction comics about making comics. Over time I’ve been realizing that “Making my # Comic” is a title that can better cover everything from what I learned to just a simple explanation of the page making process.

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