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Page 35. I shifted Sol’s color scheme up a bit, I’ll go back and change it in the old pages when I get a chance.

These past two weeks I have experimented with different options for making my overall process to be faster.

I made a significant change to my inking process–I’ll only be doing woodcut style only in parts (like hair and clothing wrinkles), and then use drawing regular lines for the rest.

Grayscale didn’t work out the way I wanted it to, so I instead worked to speed up the coloring process. I created color libraries for each character in Photoshop and made custom color swatches for them.

I’m working on keeping the backgrounds simple in more panels, too.

Overall I’m pleased with the changes, which are already speeding up the process. This should result in me finishing the pages on time, and hopefully getting more of a page buffer going. ; )

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