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Page 4

Page 4 published on No Comments on Page 4

This is the first batch of pages of my What I Learned comic. Page 1 is Here.


Information on the Page:

Panel 2 is a digital painting I did from life back in 2017.

Panel 3 is from Page 22 of The Pelkern Cycle.

Panel 4 has a lack-luster example of two point perspective, but it’s difficult to make a really good building with two point perspective without making the vanishing points much farther out. (I have arrows pointing to the vanishing points, the “two points” of “two point perspective,” in that drawing).

Panel 6 is the first drawing I did of a house for this comic, from Page 20.

Edit on January 3, 2024: I switched to Squirrel-style eyes instead of Human-esque eyes on Page 5, so I went back this page and altered it to fit the rest. I also fixed the incorrect Page number listed on Panel 3.

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