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End of Summer 2023 Update

End of Summer 2023 Update published on No Comments on End of Summer 2023 Update

Hi All! 2023 has been a busy year. Our landlord decided to sell the house we were renting, so my husband and I spent our Spring searching for a new place, and then our Summer buying, moving, and settling into the new place. But my new studio space is mostly set up (hooray!), and I am back to working on comics with my nose to the grindstone. I’m going to start making monthly updates here.

The release date for the new comic is February 7, 2024. I’ll be posting the comic cover on February 2, then the first comic page the following Wednesday. (I posted my first ever comic page on February 2 in 2016, and I posted the first page of The Pelkern Cycle in February 2018, so I decided to follow the February trend).

I am also working on a brief “Making of” comic about the things I learned while working on the The Pelkern Cycle and during my hiatus. In 2017 I drew a “Making of the Wolves of the Wynd” comic about creating my first comic, and I am glad I have a record of how I felt and thought at the time. So I’m going to do it again! I’ll post the new “Making of” comic sometime this autumn.

The painting above is an armor study I did in Adobe Fresco using vector brushes.

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