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September Update

September Update published on 2 Comments on September Update

September Update: I have been working on my story comic script (coming February) and on my “Making of” comic (title still to be determined). I’m glad I took the time to work on my “Making of” comic. It is a good review of what I’ve learned and thought about in comics for the past few years. I also feel rusty at making comic pages, so designing the pages for this is helping me remember how to make all the creative decisions that go into a comic page.

The image attached to this post is a 15 minute study of an isopod (aka rolie polie, aka pill bug, aka woodlouse). I do a 15 minute warmup drawing every day to keep my drawing skills sharp. I alternate between sketching humans and sketching subjects that are relevant to my comics, but the drawings are mostly throw away sketches that are for practice only. I picked this study to share, though, because I liked how it turned out. : )


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